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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: https://mmuop.com.

MMUOP Privacy Policy was previous restructured on January
15, 2019 and obey with General Data Protection Regulation and Prevention of
Electronic Crimes passed by national assembly of Pakistan and also followed by
international Cyber Rules.

You are very welcome to join the largest course provider platform
in Pakistan.

MMUOP respect your confidentiality and want you to know how
we gather, use, and share your data. This Privacy Policy describes our data
gathering methods and defines your privileges to access, correct, or limit our usage
of your private information.

Our Privacy Policy smears when you visit or use the MMUOP
website, mobile app and other services.

If you are using our Services, you come to an agreement with
this Privacy Policy. You must not take the Services if you don’t reach a
decision with this Privacy Policy or any other promise that oversees your usage
of the Services.

Table of Contents

1. Type of your data we collect

2. How we get your data

3. Usage of your data for purposes

4. Policy About Sharing your data

5. Privacy Policy – Security

1. Type of your data we collect

We gather certain information from you openly, like data you
enter, information for involvement in courses. We also save some information
automatically, like data about your device and type of our products you are
going to interact and your time consumed.

 Information You Make
available to Us

Here are the types data you make available to us.  We collect it while you are make account and
using services.  It includes

  • Account Data
  • Profile Data
  • Shared Content
  • Course Data
  • Student Payment Data
  • Instructor Payment Data
  • Data About Your Accounts on
    Other Services
  • Sweepstakes, Promotions,
    and Surveys
  • Communications and Support

The data listed above is stored by us and associated with
your account.

2. How we get your data

Collection of data through automated means

When you visit the courses we bring together certain data by
automatic ways, including:

  • System Data
  • Usage Data
  • Approximate Geographic Data
  • We use cookies, web beacons,
    analytics services and advertising providers for collection your data

Policy about data collection and cookies Tools

We use google analytics and other third parties like
advertisers for collection of your data by using server log file and other
tools like cookies, tags, links etc.

MMUOP uses preferences, security, functional and session
state type of cookies for collection of your data.

Some our partners use LSO for collection and storage of

 Site Analytics

 We use the google
analytics tool.

Digital Advertising

We practice third party Digital Advertising services Facebook,
AdWords, Taboola & other websites and applications you use.

3. Purpose of Your Data Collection

  • For services providing
  • Announcement with you
  • Troubleshooting
  • security

4. We share your data to

  • We share your data to
  • Students and
  • Service Providers,
    Contractors, and Agents: 
  • Business Associates
  • Analytics and Data
    Enhancement Services
  • Power Social Media Features
  • Administer Promotions and
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Security and Legal

5. Security Issues

Any internet centered system have at all times a threat of
unapproved access so it is strongly recommended that put your password secret
and inform us if found any unwanted activity. We are trying our best and used
appropriate system of security. You request you to keep us inform if found any
hole regarding security. For queries contact us support@mmuop.com

mmuop.com. All rights reserved.